More matter with less art

Good to see so many new readers turning up…

..so by way of a handy hint, in order to keep the blog pageviews number to its normal and lower level (and to avoid coming back here six times a day in order to read this tripe), your humble scribe recommends the daily digest e-mail service. All you do is click here, stick in your preferred mail address, then when the confirmation mailer comes through your end, click the link and you’re done. You then get all the day’s posts wrapped up prettily in one e-mail, sent to your inbox early next day morning (Americas time).
And it’s free. Zero money, no fuss, reliable service run by Google, easy to unsub if you get bored (and who could blame you?). Here’s the link, try it yourself.
Or to be “with it” (as the young people say in their strange vernacular) and all modern, you can get all “hip” and “ace” and “groovy” by using the IKN Twitter service, right here. Becoming part of the “cool social media in-crowd” is quite the thing, they tell me.
Anyway, there you have a couple of ways to read this blather without having to wade through those annoying adsense ads. Enjoy your day.

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