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Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites*

Naked Capitalism comes up with the week’s best title, “Citigroup Posts Potemkin Profits” and follows with a great first line, too. “The quality of Citigroup’s $1.6 billion first quarter earnings was so lousy that even the mainstream media took notice.” Yves exposes the rotten underbelly.

Nice job by Lillie at Memory in summing up all things Peru and Sendero in the latest couple of posts. Note the age of one of thePeruvian soldiers that died in the Sendero ambush.

News of the Restless has some good background on the (mostly) Balkan-Bolivian terrorist cell that was dismantled in definitive fashion by Bolivian armed forces this week. Read the comments section, too, as it sounds like their leader was one twisted dude. And by the way, this report in the Irish Independent adds extra credence to the rumbles I picked up on Friday, namely that Martin Dwyer was a kid playing out his dangerman fantasy and in way over his head.

The Mex Files has two or three posts on US-Mexico relations (use scroll), especially regarding the united front against the war on drugs (ugh…that phrase again). Anyway, Mex Files’ view can be condensed into four words, “Don’t Hold Your Breath”, when it comes to the bright new world proposed by both The Hawaiian and Calderon.

Twenty-four hour party people, Bogota style. The mayor wants his city to be non-stop fun for partaygoers by giving bars, restaurants and clubs 24 hour opening licences. Colombia Reports has the details.

Borev goes Hope’n’Hugo Blingee crazy. Put your sunglasses on before hitting this link.

*and sistasites, of course

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