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Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites

Duderino on Bolivia and Victor Cardenas. Just how good is El Duderino? Very good.

Setser on China and Wen’s now famous comments. Just how good is Setser? Very good.

Olivera* on Argentina and the Kirchner plan to bring forward the October elections. Just how good is Miguel? Very good. Smart comments left by readers, too.

Rendon* on Peru and more reverse-racism. Just how good is Rendon? Very good.

Tim on El Salvador and tomorrow’s election. Just how good is Tim? Very good.

UPDATE: Damn, that Rendon link has been preying on my mind. It’s worth a little English language explanation that will show the kind of people in Peru’s political (no) class. Fujimori party politico Carlos Raffo (a long-standing figure in Peruvian politics and very much part of the establishment scene) this week launched an attack on indigenous congress member María Sumiré. Raffo’s ironic and amazing racist complaint was that now Sumiré couldn’t represent her people (crudely labelled ‘The Quechua’ by the original report) because nowadays she didn’t travel by mule but by 4×4 SUV.

You see, in pea-like brains of the elites that think they own Peru, any indigenous person that has the temerity to make themselves successful and enjoy the trappings of success that scum such as Raffo enjoy all the time can’t call themselves indigenous anymore. The sucessful indigenous either have to renounce the fruits of their success and “live like their own” or they should “move up” to Raffo’s way of life (dear reader; please say that “move up” out loud with as much sarcasm as your voice can muster).

*Spanish language

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