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Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites

The magnificent Jurgen Schuldt takes on the issue of the Peruvian Nuevo Sol. He starts by rightly laughing his socks off at those who say “Let it float freely, no more political interventions from the Central Bank” and then argues that the Nuevo Sol is heading for S/3.50 to the dollar at end 2009. I totally agree with both reasoning and conclusion (I’d be mad not to; Schuldt’s much smarter than me). The post is in Spanish but this Google autotranslation isn’t bad at all. Well worth the effort, either way.

Still think Asia will come to the rescue of the world economy? Hmmm, read this post by Brad Setser and wake up to some cruel reality.

Wave Journal has my intrepid dudepal with stitches in his head after clashing with a greenhorm surfer and the fins of his board. Also nice post on ceviche, Peru’s wonderful fish dish.

Plan Colombia and Beyond has more details on the DAS phonetapping scandal that hit last weekend. If you go over you also get a comprehensive translation of the original breaking article from last week’s Semana magazine. Good job, guys.

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