Take physic, pomp

Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites*

Tim’s El Salvador Blog wraps up the recent elections there and tells us how the political map looks. All rather positive for the future, i must say. That’s refreshing. Also, check out Tim’s latest post on disappearing illegal migrants, the ones who try and fail to make it to the big country up North.

Abiding In Bolivia does a great job of collating the wingeing, moaning foreign press coverage of Bolivia, Evo and all things constitutional. Democracy is great when they vote the way you want them to, isn’t it? When you read how the collective foreign press miscover Bolivia it’s a real eye-opener.

El Gaviero is on the spot in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for the election today and gives photographic examples of the highbrow level of opposition rhetoric and sloganization. “Evo is gay” is all they have left. I love it when racist, fascist trash lose.

Memory in Latin America continues to cover Colombia well. Lillie’s lastest post is about the army batallion disbanded after atrocities were proven against it. I’ll take any admission of guilt and improvement from the Colombian armed forces, however small.

Borev whacks where the whacking needs to be done, specifically the cranium of the miserably deluded Doug Schoen. See the three posts dated January 11th onwards. When this blog grows up it wants to be as good as da booorev.

Finally, Bina gives us the only lolcatz photo I’ve ever seen that’s worth your time. Why so serious?

*and sistasites, obviously…you should know by know

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