Take physic, pomp

Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites*

Bananama Republic is doing a great job in uncovering just how deep KKK (yeah..really, Klu Klux Klan) involvement goes in the “Emerald Passport” MLM scam in Panama. Bananama now has four or five posts up, so go to the linked front page and scroll down. It now seems likely that the KKK isn’t limiting itself to Panama, either. Great investigative journalism.

Care about the Venezuelan Regional Elections? Nah, me neither. So why not follow the story and catch a laugh, too? El Chiguire Bipolar (Spanish language) is already posting megalol-worthy stuff (check out the middle-aged housewife that says the recent rains in Venezuela are a gov’t plot to sabotage the elections), and expect Borev to do his normal excellent stuff in English, too.

Bina rants again. She’s good at it.

Trend&Value discovers that reading the biz pages can help sometimes. Welcome to November, Lucas.

A totally rocking post at Abiding In Bolivia, as El Duderino tells us how another Bolivian racist landowner gets his comeuppance. Only this time the downfallen estanciero is Ronald Larsen, the US citizen who was the subject of Simon Romero’s touchy-feely NYT interview earlier this year. Strange how Romero didn’t mention the machine-gun Larsen used to terrorize his indigenous slaves, innit?

*and sistasites, bina…relax and enjoy

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