Take physic, pomp

Good weekend reading from respected sistasites*

Women bloggers outnumber the men again this week. Real quality stuff and only Dalmady to defend us blokes.

Bina has the latest on the unravelling of the Bolivian mercenary cell and the people behind them. A great post.

Vitoria Saddi has a great Brazil econoblog building itself. Real quality info available all the way down the page, so pull up a chair, make yourself something warm to drink, read the whole thing and learn a bunch about LatAm’s economic giant.

Alex Dalmady updates us on the Allen Stanford ponzi scheme and has all the info on the sale of the Venezuelan Stanford Bank this week.

Machetera gives us the flipside of “Cuba’s blog heroine” Yoani Sanchez. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense now she points out all the evidence. And now there’s a very cool update post. Unmissable!

Memory in Latin America has the fascinating story of how the sole survivor of Peru’s Fronton prison massacre (during Twobreakfasts’ first administration) has just been arrested again even though he’s paid his judicial debt. Also by all accounts he’s turned his back on Sendero and has been living the quiet life out of the way of everybody.

*and bruddasite, of course

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