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Good weekend reading from respected sistasites*

Saddi at L.A.B.E.P notes that Latin American countries spend (and I quote) “a higher share of fiscal resources (6% of budget) to social spending (education and health) than other regions of the developing world”. The only thing I’d take issue with in her otherwise incisive article is that she’s surprised at this. I mean, this is precisely the reason why LatAm has been voting in left-leaning officials and governments, isn’t it?

Lillie at ‘Memory…’ does her usual vigilent job of covering Peru and reports on how Sendero terrorists opened fire on a Peruvian army helicopter last week that happened to be carrying the capo de tutti capi Peru general at the time. No injuries this time around, but a warning that Sendero still have firm control over their patch of the coca-growing VRAE region.

Bina at ‘Restless’ has been doing top work in following, covering (and even breaking before all others) news as it happens of the Michael Dwyer Bolivian terrorist cell. Check her latest posts on the story here and here, as they contain damning audio and video evidence.

Plan Colombia and Beyond asks “Have False Positives Stopped?”. Read the (as always) great article to find the depressing answer.

*and bruddasites, por supuesto

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