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Good weekend reading from respected sistasites*

Bina had a couple of drinkies last night, decided to get a few thoughts about a few famous faces off her chest and in this post we have the evidence. Do not click through if the F word offends (because if it does she has a message for you, too).

The editor of a newspaper in Latin America was forced out of his job yesterday. The reason was that he criticized a local politican and friend of the President (quite rightly, too) and the owners of the newspaper got upset. Guess which country? WRONG! Susana Villarán is on the case.

The Mex Files explains why his blog is needed by society. And my stars, is he ever right.

For those of you with a deeper understanding of Venezuelan politics, this post from the awesome Chiguire Bipolar is unmissable. Spanish language and funny as hell.

Memory in Latin America knocks one out of the park with this excellent report on the US-funded ideological SOA (School Of the Americas) and its ongoing influence on Latin American affairs. There are still people who believe all that ‘back yard’ malarkey, sad to say.

*a couple of bruddasites, too

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