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Goodbye, Luis Castañeda

Luis Castañeda was the Mayor of Lima and is now one of the candidates for President of Peru in the April 10th vote. He’s also dead in the water as a serious candidate after the publication of this report from new Lima Mayor Susana Villarán on the way he spent Lima’s cash during his time running the city.
The report is in Spanish, it’s long and I can’t be bothered to translate, but I don’t think that matters so much because you’d need to know some Spanish to be interested anyway. Suffice to say it catalogues overspending on public works, a total lack of transparency in accounts and substandard constructions done during Castañeda’s time. The whole thing reeks of just the type of slush money corruption that Peru is so famous for.
Castañeda has been fading in the polls recently (see yesterday’s post) and this report and press conference going on right now is more than enough to put the final nail in his ambitions. A good thing too, because the last thing Peru needs is another shady moneygrabber at the top. DYODD.

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