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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Cute education story of the week comes from Clarín, reporting on an incident in a school in the city of Rosario Argentina. Here’s an excerpt (translated):

“The unusual episode occurred yesterday, at the ‘Luis Laporte 468 Middle School’, Rosario. During the 8pm break, a group of students at the school, located at 1059 1er de Mayo Street, decided to stay in the classroom and listen to music.

At the end of the break, the metalwork teacher came back into the classroom to continue with the metal turning class. It was then that was told that a 20 year old student still had his earphones in (listening to music).

According to the police spokesperson, the annoyed teacher asked him to stop listening to music but the student refused. It was at that point when the teacher reacted badly by taking a gun out from under his clothing and threatening the student with it.”

The report goes on to tell us the gun was loaded with seven live rounds at the time. The teacher has been suspended, apparently. Gotta love Argentina.

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