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Graeme Wood and BIV on the rise and fall of David Sidoo

Graeme Wood of BIV has done great work in this two part look at convicted criminal David Sidoo. Well-structured journalism on Sidoo’s downfall, but also the way in which a carefully constructed public image can be torn to pieces when light is shone on the way securities fraudsters and scumbags like Sidoo, Giustra and all their pals operate. If they get away with it they get to play at society stalwart and philanthropist, as anyone dumb enough to read the vomit that comes out of Frank Giustra’s mouth knows. The only difference? Sidoo finally got found out.

Here’s Part One: “The rise and fall of Vancouver stock promoter David Sidoo”

Here’s Part Two: David Sidoo’s companies failed to profit; but he made millions. And here’s an excerpt, to whet your lips:

“For example, the “pros” in this transaction included six brokers from Canaccord and Haywood Securities, who bought 2.2 million units, plus three major accredited investors in the energy start-up sector picked up 5.6 million units.

Among them was Haywood Securities broker Grant Caudwell, who wrote to the U.S. court in July asking for leniency in Sidoo’s sentencing. When asked by Glacier Media what public companies Sidoo has promoted/directed that have been successful, Caudwell said it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to judge since there are different definitions of success based on when an investor buys and sells stock. He said the best way to deduce this would be for someone to look at the stock charts.”


    Am I wrong or wasn’t the Sidoo’s Advantage Lithium a B Cook pick a while back? I can’t recall with certainty.


    I remember you warning us about Sidoo, East-West and the Katusa pump years ago. Because of you, I dodged that bullet. Thankyou.


      Glad somebody did. That period saw the parasite Katusa at his most blatant. These days it’s exactly the same criminal M.O., just hidden behind layers of fake respectability.

      Rick Rule created a monster.


    Part Two should be required reading for anyone new to the junior exchanges.


      Strong agreement, not only did he do a lot of DD, he must have discarded several weaker lines of argument to focus on the ones that matter most.


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