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Great Panther Silver (GPR.to) (GPL) 1q15 production: A broken record

Robert “Definitely not in it only for myself and really care about shareholders” Archer, head muffin at Great Panther Silver (GPR.to) (GPL), has something he wants to tell us:
Those 1q15 records are in the full NR here, but let us recall, quite clearly, that not a single ounce of the metal mined at GPR’s operations has been mined profitably. So again IKN asks, what’s the point of this company? Its only substantive reason to exist is to put oversized salary cheques into the pockets of its insiders and officers. Any sane company would not go to all the trouble of mining a non-renewable resource at a hefty loss, therefore we refer you to this IKN post of a few days ago that states the bleedin’ obvious:

“…common business sense also demands that you kick out fatcat directors for doing a bad job. These richly paid wastes of time don’t care as long as they get their wedge, so the only way to protect shareholder value is to run a proxy on Archer and his band of good for nothings, vote them out, ask them to be careful the door doesn’t hit their asses on the way out, stop fracturing company cash into their back pockets, mothball GMC and Topia, then wait until silver prices can justify their mining before turning the lights back on.”

Full thing here.

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