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Greg Grandin’s Honduras List

Greg Grandin debated some leftover DC lobbyist called Lanny last week. Abiding has the video of the event and it’s as close to intellectual carnage as is possible. I could get all high falutin’ on you at this point and go for the blow-by-blow critique, but just go over yourself and see the mincement that Grandin makes of Davis. You don’t need my thin commentaries laid on top of the real deal.

So anyhow, following on from that debate Grandin has put together an article at HuffPo that nails the lies used by Lanny on a point by point basis, all backed up with cross references and data and links and all the malarkey. So if you want a nice, clean, academically rigorous but simple to digest rundown of exactly why the happenings in Honduras is a shame on all houses and an affront to all Latin America (and the wider world for that matter), check out Grandin’s post, it’s linked right here.

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