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Greystar Resources (GSL.to): Don’t say you weren’t warned

How’s Greystar (GSL.to) doing this PDAC week? Anyone got word from Nicholas CampbellSoup about his reco SNAFU yet? Is Soupy available for comment on other Political Risk issues? Does he charge for his services at the Can of Corn?

Hmmmm…..guess it has something to do with the post from Tuesday last week which ended….

“Right now I’d rather hold Osama Bin Laden’s penis than GSL stock.”
…but did you listen? Oh well, as they say in Blighty, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t bring that dog in ‘ere, mate. DYODD, dudettes & dudes.

UPDATE: 12:50pm EST: Trading in GSL.to was halted a couple of minutes ago, pending news. 

UPDATE 2: The NR is out and here’s the moneyline:

“Greystar will only develop a project with the support of both. We will work with the relevant authorities in the review of the project in order to determine whether modifications are possible that address concerns whilst ensuring an economically viable and environmentally sustainable project.”

What’s the residual value on this thing’s cash position again?

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