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Hey, remember me mentioning yesterday how Greystar‘s (GSL.to) George Milton had been buying and buying and buying his own stock? Well, maybe he knew something.

That’s one helluva move, people. The rumour is Kinross is buying it. If you want to play the neighbour’s game, consider Ventana Gold (VEN.to) as a way to grab the coattails but DYODD, dude.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I’ve just received a mail from a dude in Toronto who says the jump may be a trading error. The trade in question was one single operation of 153k shares. There’s conflicting info doing the rounds right now….I’ll update this post again when more is known.

GSL.to back at $3.90 and the false trade theory gaining traction rapidly. By the way, the guy (and you know who you are) who IMmed me this morning shouting “kinross!! kinross!!”…...errr, we gotta talk, dude 🙂 Move along now…nothing to see here

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