Take physic, pomp

Happening right now at the El Tambor gold project, Guatemala

In order to dislodge the long-standing but totally non-violent and peaceful protest, police are firing on the ‘La Puya’ protesters at the El Tambor gold project in Guatemala, owned by US company Kappes, Cassiday & Associates.
Bullets for peace, or progress, or something. I forget which excuse is used for which mine protest suppression in Guatemala. Anyway, blood.

This banner from Guatemala this evening explains today’s violent moves that have evicted the Puya protesters:

Translation: Poor people with uniforms hitting poor people with hunger for the benefit of rich people without uniforms or hunger.

What happened this afternoon in Guatemala is a disgrace for the whole mining industry.

UPDATE: And here’s a photo from La Puya / El Tambor today, specially dedicated to Kappes Cassiday Associates (KCA), concession holders of El Tambor and their non-violent eviction methods.

Tell me guys, did she slip and fall over or something? And here’s another one KCA can frame and proudly display on its reception wall or in the corporate presentation. Y’know, the space mining companies always give to the happy smiling kids snap.

Oh, aren’t those local kids happy to see you there…so cute.

UPDATE 2: A Guat press report including video footage of today’s pleasant little gathering, right here. 

This is the vid

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