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Happy Birthday Magic Laptops!!

Wow, it seems like just a few weeks ago that Raul Reyes’ magic laptops were about to finish off all the FARC sympathizers, including that scallywag Hugo and his pal Studmuffin.
But here we are a year later, Correa and Chávez have both won key victories in elections and the laptops have been largely (bar the rabid right) consigned to the dustbin of history. Why so? Probably because they were clearly doctored and those that would charge the world have been telling porkies all this time. Ahhh…I remember the day that Andres Oppenheimer told us about all the e-mails he’d read from the laptops. It took nearly the full year to find out that, when under oath, the Colombian police officers involved knew there were no e-mails ever found.

Never mind…there’s always the traditional method of bombing, guys. So happy birthday, magic laptops! Enjoy your redux of fame this weekend.

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