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Happy! Happeeeeeeeeee!

The WIN/Gallup end of year survey that goes by the name of “Global Barometer of Happiness” hit the streets yesterday, with 58 countries questioned about general levels of happiness. Here below is the chart with the main payoff and, being LatAm obsessed as we are, those countries we care about most deeply get arrows.

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We note:

  • All five regional countries score pretty well, with the relaxed dudettes and dudes in Colombia topping LatAm at 71% net happiness and even the notoriously grumpy Peru making the top 20 worldwide.
  • Strange that Mexico wasn’t included, too big a country not to be listed, methinks.
  • Seriously, what do they put in the water in Nigeria?
  • Oh look, The world’s richest country languishes at 33%. What’s that saying about money and happiness again?

Shortcut to the poll results and presentation here (pt 1) and here (pt 2)

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