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Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Beyond shinyheart helium balloons on sticks and cute stuffed animals made in sweatshops, there once was a real Valentine, a priest in Rome at the time of the infamous persecution Emperor Claudius II.

His was a dangerous profession and he knew it. Inevitably, the man who would be Saint Valentine was arrested while marrying Christian couples and held on many other religious charges, including helping other Christians escape persecution. However, once his prisoner, Claudius II allowed Valentine favours including regular visits to his palace for conversations. The two were even said to be amicable, but when the Emperor realized Valentine was merely trying to convert him, he was condemned to death. Valentine was martyed by “stoning, clubbing and beheading” on February 14, 269, that date fixed in stone in the year 496AD when February 14th was first set aside as a day of celebration in his name.


    I like learning new things, especially history!

    Gloomer Doomer People’s Republic of Maryland 14/02/21 3:54 pm

    Wow! Otto learned about Google! Good boy Otto! You’re so smart!


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