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Harte Gold (HRT.to): Appian looking after Appian

This humble corner of cyberspace has received plenty mails over Harte Gold (HRT.to) this week, so to cut to the chase we state opinion clearly: Today’s 6c and 6.5c prices represent excellent risk/reward value. However, only strong stomachs need apply for the noise and volatility they will buy with their shares.

The reason HRT offers asymmetric upside risk today? CANADIAN MINING STOCKS NEVER GO BANKRUPT. Not in the strict sense, and company with control of a gold asset in Canada is even less likely to see its equity crushed to zero even if the idiots in control turned the balance sheet into a multi-million dollar mess. With Appian resigning en masse this week, you can bet all your net wealth they weren’t doing it for charitable purposes and, with 23% ownership of the stock, they will make 100% sure they are paid to leave.

So forget the real world of debt and money, buy these confetti shares and make yours on the back of Appian, too. Just make sure the stomach is ready, cos we may see 4c before 10c.


    Ben Dover On the sidelines 22/07/21 3:50 pm

    Why can’t what happened with Rubicon or Jaguar happen to Harte? They never went bankrupt but the shareholders got diluted down to nothing. My guess is that a halt with a big shares for debt deal is likely with a reverse split following. Retail shareholders will get served on a plate while the management brags that they saved the company and turned it around.


    Don’t know where you see the upside here. Shareholder equity for Q1 is negative, even after two previous capital raises, so basically the debtors own the assets.


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