Every why hath a wherefore


I don’t usually reply to anonymous hatemailers, today I did. And it was quite fun as well (which surprised) so I might just do it again. Anyway, here’s the one I just sent back to an IKN ‘fan’.

Of course I enjoy myself! And knowing that I’m annoying the scumbags in the business makes it worth every moment. After all, if I weren’t making enemies from the people who’ve been sucking retail shareholders dry for years and lining their nests by doing precisely nothing for the good of anybody except themselves I’d hardly be doing my job right now, would I? 

And so brave of you, the anonymous hatemail! Your mother must be proud. Sadly for you, you’re hardly unique as my only hatemailer, either. Hey, maybe you’re one of those who has the power fantasy of meeting me on some dark night and beating my face to a pulp with a baseball bat, the guys in that subset really make me laugh. 

So anyway, your handgriphandgrip@mail.com mail address is now blocked (well, it will be roughly five seconds after this mail goes out). I forgot to do that last time, so shame on me, hey? With that in mind, I’d really encourage you to reply to this and write a really, really long rant (using the same shitty grammar and spelling that belies your level of intelligence). And the longer the better, because the more time you waste on me the less time the people who have to suffer your physical presence need to interact with you.

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