Take physic, pomp

He must have been thirsty

Check the video out on this link, showing how President Twobreakfasts was greeted at a political event in Lima’s Plaza de Acho yesterday (the city’s bullring).

Maybe the crowd thought that he was feeling a little thirsty…I mean, what other reason might there have been for throwing dozens of plastic drinks bottles filled with liquids at his motorcade?

Meanwhile in his speech, García made a direct reference to the anti-freedom of speech legislation he’s trying to push through congress. In praise of Peru’s faithful assembled, he said:

“…these (local business leaders) are the real anonymous heroes. This is the true civic society that doesn’t have salaries in dollars, nor is it a NGO that gets money from foreign embassies.”

The man is showing his true colours. You guys up there fear for freedom of speech in Venezuela, but you’re looking in the wrong place. The dude gets bottles thrown at his ass and still thinks he’s the voice of the people? This is going to finish badly.

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