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Heads of State Popularity in The Americas

Your humble scribe has written a guest post over at Tuerto all about the current situation in the popularity stakes of all Heads of State in The Americas, based on the numbers from reliable pollster Mitofsky. It’s over at Tuerto because I’d really like you to get used to going over there, and that’s because the site is going to be a massive success (plans are afoot) so you may as well get used to the idea and be able to say to your grandchildren one day that you were there when Tuerto was just days old.
Anyway, go check out who’s most loved, who gets a pass, who people get grumpy about and who are the continent’s biggest Presidential failures, with charts and tables and all, over at Tuerto right here. Go on, click it.

PS: Also featuring Rafael Correa and Justin Bieber, of course.

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