Take physic, pomp

Hecla (HL) in the merry month of May

In the post “Catching up with Hecla (HL)” dated May 9th, this humble corner of cyberspace pointed to the BS and Blather emitted by HL that day and also reminded its esteemed audience of the other batch of BS&B from early in 2018, when HL justified its stupid purchase of Klondex. Here’s a line from that May 9th post which commented on its share price performance from the day of the Klondex purchase until then:
“From U$3.56 to U$1.78, a drop of exactly 50% and once more people get a
feel for how bad this company’s financial situation is,  it’ll drop
more. They shoot horses for less”
And how we doing now, just three weeks down the line?

Got a thought on that, Owly?
Guessed you’d say that. And now the piñata is set, as a whole bunch of class action suits line up to whack into this company and pitiful excuse of a C-suite. Burn them with fire, shysters.

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