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Here’s hoping the BCSC goes after TSX companies as well, not just CSE

Because there’s plenty of grist for that particular mill, too.
I’ve been sent the link and/or the PDF of the BCSC announcement about the so-called “BridgeMark Group” around two dozen times since it came out yesterday. And a good thing too, thanks to all who cared enough to think of this humble corner of cyberspace, it’s greatly appreciated. There’s been plenty of real reporting on the development done by real reporters, you hardly needed a pissant blogger throwing in his dos centavitos yesterday, but there are a couple of interesting angles to the allegations brought by the BCSC Executive Director.
1) All the companies are CSE-listed. Now that’s fine, if all the named issuers have been doing naughty things they should be called out but there’s no way on God’s green earth you can tell me these nefarious peddlers of scams are confined to that exchange. Sleight of hand as outlined in the report has been going on forever on the TSX and especially the TSXV, therefore we wait to see whether BCSC has actually grown a real pair. Is it after the bad guys, or is it just trying to shut down the TSX competition which has grown from insignificant to a thorn in the side of the main exchange these last couple of years?
2) The Bri-Bri factor. It’s impressive to note how many people directly involved with Brian Paes-Braga over the years made that rogue’s gallery of names in the release. For example:
  • Justin Edgar Liu and Bri-Bri go way back together and have been tight on several deals in the past.
  • We know from these very pages that Bri-Bri and David Raymond Duggan used to be tight, as Bri-Bri once used Duggan to quietly sell millions of shares of Lithium-X into an unsuspecting market. However, they’ve now fallen out and Duggan skipped off to live in Panama, no word on any reconciliation has reached this desk.
  • And probably the most direct link of them all, though many people assume Frank Giustra to be Bri-Bri’s mentor from the getgo, in fact it was Abeir Haddad who was the original daddy and the route that BriBri took to get his first break in his sordid business.
And those just three names known by this desk to have intimate connections with the sleazy, two-faced Bri-Bri, you may know of other connections with others people or companies on that list. Rather strange how many arrows point in the same direction, is it not?}
3) Meanwhile, if we assume the BCSC is really trying to do the right thing by the Canadian people (at last) to clean up its capital markets and is not going to restrict itself to the CSE, another special name leaps out at your author’s eyes from those named. That’s because David Matthew Schmidt is the person who ran the recent scam pump and dump on Prize Mining (PRZ.v), the company featured on this blog while the P+D was going on and named as the scam that it most definitely is by IKN. Schmidt was the person who did the cheque swap with PRZ. I know I’m supposed to say something like “…the person who allegedly did the...” etc because in a court of law you’re innocent until proven guilty, but screw that and let’s talk straight, he WAS the guy according to several ultra-reliable IKN sources and has a long-standing reputation as being as legit as a seven dollar note. 
Therefore, BCSC, it would be great if you got around to making an effort with TSX(V) listed stocks as you make to clean up Vancouver (and I know you guys read this humble corner of cyberspace, so don’t pretend you haven’t read this post later, okay?). Start with Prize Mining (PRZ.v), its connection with David Schmidt and once you start pulling on that string, I’m sure you’ll get to wondering just why a whole range of newsletters, promoters and websites suddenly and all at once decided that PRZ was just the greatest opportunity to present to their collective readerships. 
And be clear, PRZ is just the tip of this sordid iceberg of greed and lies.

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