Take physic, pomp

He’s lost it

A coward. It shows he’s never read a single history book in his life, he has no idea what always happens when you try to repress people who are protesting about repression. And another thing, if you couldn’t see the checklist of fascist iconography on display tonight, you too need to read a few more books.

And let’s not forget all patriotic Americans who stand by the Second Amendment and quite right, too. Odd to think that so many of you voted for your current President because you feared the other would threaten US citizens with its own military. Tonight, your President just threatened his own people with the US military. Many people wondered what this President would be like under a real crisis, as it turned out we had to wait until his fourth year to discover he will go down in history as one of the very worst ever offered up by The United States of America. And be clear this is not party politics, I would welcome Mike Pence as President tonight despite his failings, as he would not bring the US army on his fellow citizens.

Stand outside your house tonight. George Floyd cannot die in vain, time to say enough because if not here’s a vision of the future, imagine a knee pressing down on a human neck – forever.

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