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Hive and Oilprice: À la recherche du pump perdu

The pigs are gorging deeply at the trough these days.
Here’s the situation. Way back before the pump in Frank Giustra’s HIVE Blockchain (HIVE.v) began, the Giustra empire was doing its normal thing and handing around large options payoffs to the people who would write the company up and stuff it down the throats of retail when it came the time to hit the big GO! button. One of those recipients was James Burgess (aka Stafford) over at oilprice.com (you may remember him for that painfully stupid pump on Klondike Gold (KG.v) back in August, so over the top that IIROC had to step in and get KG to retract it (by the way, KG.v is back under the pre-pump price…what a shocker)) and this particular parasite paid pump piece of crud was given one million share options of HIVE priced at just two cents!
So comes the day of the big pumpo and oilprice published its piece too but Frank G wasn’t happy in some form or another with oilprice.com (probably because those shares are now worth way more than even he thought they’d go) and complained that oilprice.com didn’t do enough, the piece wasn’t good, it didn’t work etc. So Frank charged his two paid lackeys, Tommy ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ Humphreys and Brian Bri-Bri Paes-Braga, to go round to Mr Stafford’s gig and get the shares back. So far Haw-Haw and Bri-Bri have tried legal threats and they’ve now gone into the physical threat world (hey, maybe take that seriously, I wouldn’t like to see Tommy throwing his weight around) but to no avail, Burgess/Stafford isn’t handing back his easy money payola.
How this all turns out is yet to be seen. Will Burgess/Stafford be able to buy a new Ferrari to race Bri-Bri’s down the street? Will Frank get his juicy shares back? Will the goons get into trouble with their paymaster for doing this whole collection thing so clumsily that they end up on IKN again? We shall wait and we shall see.

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