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HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.v) and the changing face of the Ethereum market

As we wait, bated breath, for the HIVE.v 3q18 financials (due out the end of this week), here’s a look at the changes seen in the Ethereum market since the last set of financials out of HIVE. In its 2q19 MD&A, Frank Bagholder Holmes was kind enough to add in a table that explained what sort of annual revenue the company could expect from its ETH mining at different market prices and hashrates: Here is it:

Thing is, the price of ETH has since gone (quite literally) off-scale to that chart. And not in a good way, either. ETH is currently trading at U$113, what Frank needs is a new line on his chart for the 3q18 filings. But fear not Frank! IKN is here to help you and happy to provide the chart you’ll require. Here ya go:
With ETH and the hashrate where it is today (212 tera and dropping fast), HIVE is staring at an annual revenue for mining of U$13m from its ETH rigs. Which should be enough to cover the company travel expenses.

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