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HIVE, the next CEO.ca pump (a.k.a. how tilted is the playing field)

Coming soon to a screen near you is the next Frank Giustra pump. Its name is HIVE, it’s in the final stages of a reverse take over process of another Giustra company called Leeta Gold (a total failure) but HIVE is very different, it’s going into the Cryptocurrency Mining (capitalized it on purpose because It Is Important) and will be out there doing wonderful crypto things with Bitcoin, Ethereum and hopefully Dogecoin (it would be a hint of true worth).
Look folks, I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies (even though I’m one of the few people you know who has actually bought and sold Bitcoins and made real world transactions with the thing), but I do know what a Vancouver rip-off pump looks like and that is why this post exists today. It’s not really about cryptocurrencies and in fact, on thinking about it, it’s not even about HIVE, it’s more about the way in which the people running this white collar crime you know as the TSXV make oodles of money from you.
Okay, blah blah intro over, here’s the deal:
  • At this current time, HIVE (the new crypto company) is running a Reverse Take Over (RTO) with Leeta Gold. Once the process is over the new company will be called HIVE and Leeta disappears forever.
  • Right now Leeta is a shell company. It has recently been controlled by various people, but the chief names for our purposes are Karen Addie and Anthony Beruschi.
  • These two people are what are known in the trade as “bag holders”. They’re front people for the real financial force behind a project and in this case, it’s our faithful friend Frank Giustra and his cast of merry men. 
  • On June 2nd 2017 a series of three transactions took place. Karen Addie sold 7.486m shares and 4.5m warrants of Leeta Gold to an unknown buyer. Anthony Beruschi sold 13m shares and 13m warrants of Leeta Gold. And a corporation controlled by Anthony Beruschi sold 9m shares and 9.5m warrants of Leeta Gold. All these transactions went through at a price of between 1c and 3c per share or warrant.
  • If you do the math yourself and you’ll see that’s a …a….a very lot of numbers.
  • Right now, Leeta Gold is a 29c stock. According to the people at the centre of this pump, once the company is off the NEX list and the project is presented to the world it’s going to be worth dollars.
Therefore ask yourself; who in their right mind would sell something for between 1c and 3c when it’s worth right now 29c and is projected to be worth dollars in the near future? Somebody unconflicted? Or somebody inside a scheme to make a few people very rich? Add to this a couple of extra facts:
Firstly, on September 7th 2017 Leeta awarded 3,398,771 shares to somebody as a finder’s fee. IKN can exclusively reveal this evening that the person who received those free shares of Leeta, about to become HIVE, is Tommy Humphreys of CEO.ca. Tommy is of course a sycophant of Frank Giustra and a close friend of our next named persona, Brian Paes-Braga (aka Bri-Bri, bless his heart).
Secondly we offer up Bri-Bri, he’s been waltzing around his new watering hole “The Banter Room” in Vancouver bragging to those he wants to impress how he now owns “millions of shares of Leeta”, that “this is the big one”, that “his second and third Ferraris are on order” and other such tranches of wonderfulness. So ladies and gentlemen readers of this humble corner of cyberspace, guess where those “millions of shares” have come from? (hint, ask Katie and Anthony).
Once this company moves from the NEX to the TSXV and is open for general trading, this is going to be the plat du jour at CEO.ca and all the other financial media sources controlled by Frank Giustra. The reason is simple, there is a inner circle of scumbags who want to exchange their equities for your money. You do not stand a chance against these people. You will remain poor, CEO.ca will remain mysteriously funded forever, Tommy and Brian and Frank will extract the money from your pocket and place it into theirs. And then they will smile at you and promise you that they are your friends. Forever.
Finally, for those who care about facts (and I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t trust a blog either) all you need to do to is file a FOIA lawsuit/FOIA request and get the share registry from Computershare regarding the counterparties to the Addie/Beruschi sales. IKN calls on the people that have real teeth, such as Peter Schweizer, to do exactly that and then do their job. It’s long past time that these scumbags were closed down and Canadian capital markets cleaned up.

PS: If the CRA really wants to to catch tax thieves, it should do Canadian taxpayers a favour and get a copy of the shareholder list and all of the “private” buy/sell agreements. We wouldn’t want our friends stashing paper offshore now, would we…?

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