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Honduras and the new dumbass experts

So everyone’s suddenly an expert on Honduran constitutional law now. Wowsers, ya just never know what comes next in this life, do yaz? As the song goes, La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida

This post is by way of answering the total, moronic, fascist apologist dumbasses who refuse to see the basic, blindingly obvious fact that what went on in Honduras last weekend was an illegal coup d’etat. I mean you, dumbass you and your tinfoilhat brethren who decided to mail me with their wingnut views of the world and just straight flat couldn’t be bothered to read up on a the real story before re-vomiting the lies of their rightieblog mentors that are feeding you pure drivel and passing it off as intelligent comment. You and your pals who can’t even rub enough brain cells together to wonder why every single country in The Americas has condemned the illegal usurping of power in Honduras. All of them, from the righties (Uribe, García, Calderon) to the lefties (Fidel, Hugo, Evo) and all points in between. All of them…get it? ALL OF THEM YOU BUNCH OF DUMBASSES. And why? Cos they either know things about constitutional law or they have the phone number of the people that do. You have Michelle Malkin and a bunch of other dumbasses with blogs to massage what little ken you have and mold you into their little servant of hatred.

So you dumbasses win this week’s coveted award; in fact, it might be the award of the year. Enjoy, dumbasses.

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