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Honduras: Big Anti-Coup Marches Happening Now

What kind of democracy needs to hurredly put up barricades against its
own people? If the wingnuts don’t mind me asking, that is…….

Reports are still sketchy and unconfirmed at the moment and there’s no link of worth to give you, but word coming in from Honduras is that tens of thousands of people are now marching in separate protests through the streets of Tegucigalpa protesting against the coup d’etat and demanding that President Manuel Zelaya is reinstated. Protest marches are also supposedly happening in other cities in Honduras. Expect the Washington Post to mention minor disturbances on page 427 tomorrow.

The protests are going ahead despite the curfew orders, the stripping of basic rights via the suspension of articles in the constitution and the “welcoming committee” of heavily armed miliary, part of which you see protecting the Presidential palace this morning. Also, last night a bomb reportedly exploded in restaurant just 100m from the capital’s airport. The welcoming committee’s way of greeting Insulza as he lands today, I suppose.

UPDATE: Avoiding Honduras media that insists all is quiet in the capital (as TV station directors report they’ve been under military occupation for the last 100 hours), and avoiding Prensa Latina that thinks there are a million pro-Zelayans marching right now, here’s Notimex with a bit of coverage that talks about the area around the Presidential palace as a ‘battleground’ right now and that two military helicopters are firing into the crowd. It’s still very difficult to get reliable word on what’s going on, but something big is clearly happening.

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