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Honduras Coup D’Etat: Chavez speaks

My translation of the direct quotes given by Hugo Chávez, ally of President Zelaya of Honduras, in this report. I’ve kept the translation as literal as possible so there may be some phrases that don’t sit perfectly in English, but they should be comprehensible enough.

This situation may become serious quickly.

“To the coupmongers we say, “we are ready for action”. These are no empty words. We have already started to mobilize. This coup will be defeated by the people of Honduras and by those of us that are outside of Honduras but equally feel ourselves to be Honduran.

“The Yankee empire has a lot to do with this. I will call the US President so that he speaks on this issue in the same way as we do from the depths of our soul. They look at us as if we were an operations base of the Empire; we are not.

“You know they call us coupmongers for the military action of February 4th, which was a patriotic military action against the bourgeois. This is the reverse.

“I call upon the soldiers of Honduras. We see them running, they are running without spirit. Please Lord don’t let them use their weapons against their own people. The are men of the people, ordered by officials that also come from the people but have lost the notion of citizenry. They (the soldiers) are nearly children with guns in their hands, without conscience.

“There are some old troglodytes behind the troops, using them. You don’t see a single general in the streets. They’re in the barracks, well-protected.

“Now those soldiers are going to find out what a people is…the people have started coming out on to the streets. They (the coup leaders) made their move in the early hours of the morning, in a cowardly manner.

Chavez said he had called the chancellor of Honduras, Patricia Rodas who “was surrounded; they took away her bodyguards and she is now under detention. She is trying to make contact with the social movements, she is very brave and dignified. We understand that the social movements have begun to mobilize but they have no weapons. The troops commanded by the coupmongers have the weapons.”

UPDATE: Full Honduras coverage on this link

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