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Honduras coup d’etat: President Zelaya arrested by military

The election vote started on time this morning, but immediately afterwards President Zelaya was arrested by Honduran military and taken to a nearby airbase from where it’s thought he’s now being transported out of the country.

Here’s a link to the English language Google news page keyword “Honduras” so you can keep up with happenings as they happen. Here’s a typical offering right now from UPI:

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, June 28 (UPI) — Military troops arrested Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Sunday before a scheduled referendum on presidential term limits.

Soldiers surrounded the president’s house and then took Zelaya to an airbase, the newspaper El Heraldo reported on its Web site.

Zelaya wanted to seek a second term next year. By law, the Honduran leader, elected in 2006, is limited to one term in office.

Zelaya told a Spanish newspaper last week he suspected a military coup was in the making. The president’s prediction came amid controversy over his firing of the head of the Honduran armed forces.

It’s called a military coup, people. Welcome to the 1980’s. And if you’re wondering along the ‘cui bono?’ line of thought it should take you about a nanosecond to work out the right answer. Jeesh, wouldn’t it be great if you Northies just left us alone for once?

UPDATE: Boz knows more about Honduras than I and over at his blog is following developments closely. Here’s his latest post and he’s also updating via twitter (link on his page).

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