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Honduras Coup: The obvious missing from English language coverage

It’s difficult to believe how much crap I’ve waded through this morning, written in English about Honduras and actually debating whether what’s been going on is a coup or not. Let’s be clear:
  • When a country’s president is woken up at 1am by soldiers firing shots into his house, it’s a coup.
  • When that president is bundled into a waiting aircraft and flown out of the country against his will, it’s a coup.
  • When the army closes down TV and radio stations, shuts off power supply and orders an immediate 48 hour curfew across the nation, it’s a coup.
  • When a fake letter of resignation is used in parliament to justify the transfer of power, it’s a coup.
  • When the first thing said by the abused president to the press is “I’ve have not resigned and this is a coup”, it’s a coup.
So having established the obvious, let’s also note that despite what you might have read in your morning newspaper or seen on your morning TV screen, sticking a gun into the face of a president is not democratic. It’s a freakin’ coup, ok? It’s a subtraction from freedom, not an advance, you stupid idiot O’Grady. Also, let’s note in passing that it’s not just “Clinton and Fidel” that are calling this a coup d’etat, it’s every single country of The Americas, from Canada to Chile and all points in between. All of them, no exceptions. And while we’re at it, that list includes places like Spain, France and even (perhaps bizarrely) China. They have all condemned this military coup d’etat, have called for President Zelaya to be reinstalled as the country’s rightful and democratically elected head of state and have called what happened over the weekend by its rightful name: A COUP.
Anyone who still debates this is an official dumbass. The end.

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