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Honduras: Snipers are in place around the airport

Snipers in the Teguchigalpa airport control tower, as photographed this afternoon
Below is a direct translation of the first part of this post recently put up at Honduras Resistencia. The blogger has proven to be correct on several occasions this week, having blogged about the bus tires being shot out by troops before CNN got its hands on video footage and writing about how Micheletti’s cousin was taking over as Mayor of San Pedro Sula before it hit the newswires. In other words, the blogger I’m translating has been getting the news stories right before they’re news.

Now read the translation below, as tomorrow President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and an entourage that is supposed to include Argentina’s Fernandez, Ecuador’s Correa, The OEA head Insulza and perhaps others will walk onto the tarmac at Tegucigalpa airport.

The de facto government led by our dinosaur coupmonger has placed his snipers around the area of the Toncontin International Airport, Tegucigalpa. The sharpshooters were seen today when protestors approached the area. They have maintained their position throughhout and we only hope they do not receive an order from the coupmongers and aim their rifles in the direction of the people and do what the Catholic church (which more than a church seems to be spokespeople of the government, they even get TV airtime) forecasted; “If Mel returns it will be a bloodbath”. CONTINUES HERE

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