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Honduras votes: The need to know stuff

A post for those who don’t care much but would like to know a bite-sized, pop-culture chunk that gives them enough to hold up their end of an unexpected conversation later today:
1) It’s tight. Polling between the two frontrunners show this one as too close to call, a rarity these days in LatAm presidentials.
2) The lefty candidate is Xiomara Castro of the Libre party (newly formed), who’s also the wife of deposed Pres Mel Zelaya. If she wins she’d be the country’s first ever female President*.
3) The righty candidate is Juan Orlando Hernández of the National party (the current ruling party). He’s a smart politico and is running on an anti-crime manifesto that would beef up police and army and give them powers to go after the street gangs. Current President Porfirio Lobo (same party) is ineligible to run. 
4) The others aren’t in it. The winner could get around 30% of the popular vote (or maybe less), but as it’s a fractured election and Honduras has a straight system of “most votes wins”, that’ll be enough. 
5) Expect accusations of voter fraud and election rigging from the losing side, especially if Xiomara loses in a tight one. Natch, though it should be added that some international election observers were refused credentials by the Honduras government because they were lefties. Not a good sign.
6) It’ll probably take a day or so to get something akin to an official or reliable result.
7) After it’s all over, it will continue to be a seriously fucked up country. Natch2.
And in LetMeGoogleThatForYou news, here’s a Wiki page in English on the vote if you’d like some more. 
*Editor’s note: No matter the flavour of politics, IKN wholly approves of this and if it were possible, would permanently require all countries to have woman presidents by law. For one thing, you’d suddenly get a whole lot less of countries bombing the crap out of each other.

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