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Honduras: You can’t fire me cos I quit

So the OAS goes over and presents a message from all other states that make up the group that tells the usurper Micheletti to desist or face having his country thrown out of the organization. Micheletti’s reaction is to resign Honduras from the OAS. As the blog Honduras Resistencia correctly comments

“…the only thing this measure shows is the lack of capacity for dialogue from the coupmongers. The infantile attitude of the spoiled child of “better I leave before they throw me out” offers nothing to the climate of dialogue, concertation and peace that, hypocritically, is their motto.

“The repercussions of this action in the international community are incalculable and as always will affect the poor (first)…”

Put the Honduras Resistencia blog on your RSS, or on your own blogroll if you have a blog. The voice of the people from inside Honduras is the most powerful and it’s clear that they are not taking this abuse lying down. Meanwhile, for those morons that still believe what happened in Honduras was legal, some basic facts. If you can give me cogent, democratic reasons for any of these then you have the right to move your madness forward.

  • There was no attempt to impeach Zelaya and remove him by legal methods.
  • Since seizing power, the de facto government has suspended several articles of their precious constitution, including articles that protect basic human rights including habeas corpus.
  • The Colon region of Honduras is now under an all-day military controlled curfew, the measure passed to stop residents from travelling to the protests scheduled in the capital today. The announcement came yesterday afternoon and caused panic amongst people had just two hours to buy in provisions before the extended curfew began.
  • Media have been silenced with only pro-government news items allowed on TV, radio and newspapers. Pro-Zelaya Canal 36 has been closed down against the will of its director and is guarded by troops. Apparently CNN is “on the payroll of Hugo Chávez” which explains why it has been suppressed inside Honduras.
You think this is normal? Good for society? Legal? Decent? As reader ‘GR’ wrote in a mail this morning;

Here the media do not talk or write about the Coup d`Etat, or so little.

It was a different story for Iran. We have been inundated with reports about the evil country for weeks.
But why this difference? First explanation that comes to my mind; there is no oil involved. Secondly this could be a “good dictatorship” (pro-Washington) as opposed to a “bad dictatorship” (anti-Washington).

Meanwhile, the whole of the international community…all of them, every single last one of them, have condemned the coup. Micheletti’s lies about having places like Taiwan as allies have also been exposed at the highest level.

If you don’t like Zelaya, that’s fine by me. But why on earth do we have to be pulled back to the 1970’s because it suits the self-interests of people who couldn’t find Honduras on a map one week ago? You have the whole of the international community on one side, and a military government with a bunch of wingnuts on the other. Gimme a break here……..

PS: Greg Weeks at his blog has been covering Honduras in a more scholarly, intellectual way (i.e. better than here), so go see for yourself.

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