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Honduras’s de facto chancellor: “Obama is a little black man who knows nothing.”

Cute huh?

Enrique Ortez (for it is he)
Meet Enrique Ortez, the man given the job of Chancellor of Honduras (basically foreign minister) by the usurper Micheletti. In an interview on Honduras TV last night he said the above about President Obama and a whole lot more. Here’s a translation of this report in the El Salvador daily, LaPagina:

Following the Coup D’Etat over José Manuel Zelaya, the de facto government led by Roberto Micheletti has named its new government team, among them the new Chancellor Enrique Ortez Colindres, who in his declarations has made the position of the coupmongers clear.

According to the Argentine newspaper El Clarín, the new “chancellor” Enrique Ortez took part in a journalistic TV program in Honduras where he was asked about the international reactions to the coup d’etat. Ortez said that he gave no importane whatsoever to the OAS and “the other little groups out there”, he said (Spanish premier) José Luis Rodrígues Zapatero should “go back to his shoes*” and said that he was not going to talk about (Honduras neighbour) El Salvador “because it’s not worth talking about such a small country, where you can’t even play football because the ball lands in another country”.

But he went for more by defining President Barack Obama of The United States as “that little black man who doesn’t know anything”.

Keep apologizing for your coupmongers, wingnuts. Cos by gawd, every day there’s more to apologize for.

UPDATE: I’ve had a couple of mails from people about what this Ortez scumbag actually said about Obama, so here goes with a bit more. His precise words in Spanish were “Ese negrito que no sabe nada de nada”. I decided to translate this as “that little black man who knows nothing” or “that little black man who doesn’t know anything” to stay away from the controversial side of the statement and be as bland as possible. In fact the use of the word “negrito”, i.e. the diminuitive of “negro”, is very derogatory in nature and overtly racist in context; the kind of racism that would force the resignation of any public figure in the USA (for example). One mailer offered up the translation of “that know-nothing black boy” to get the proper feeling of the message implied by Ortez, and although it’s extremely difficult to hit the translatory nail on the head in this case, I’d tend to agree that the offered translation captures the sentiment better than my deliberately bland version. Another way of catching the drift would be “That blackie that knows nothing about anything”, or even “That negro….” would work, even the other “N” word would be a fair translation of what he meant.

The bottom line is that Ortez’s statement, alongside the equally offensive words he has for Zapatero and the nation of El Salvador (note Revolter’s comment below and Google up about the “football war” if you haven’t heard about it previously) is dripping with bigotry and hatred.

UPDATE 2, July 5th: Must see photo from Honduras today.

UPDATE 3, July 6th: Enrique Ortez speaks! About Obama! On Youtube! With English subtitles!

* a play on words with the word “zapatero”, which means “shoemaker” in Spanish

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