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Honey Badger (TUF.v) pump and dump

Here’s a warning for greenhorn investors. If you’ve had this pile of stupidity put in front of you re. Honey Badger Exploration (TUF.v) (honey badger don’t care, he don’t give a shit) in the last couple of days be aware that:
1) Mining Marketwatch (the website in question) is one of those that is paid by companies for promotion. Very simply, junior mining company writes a cheque, the people behind the website write a puff piece, you get fed bullshit.
2) It’s used by the total crud end of the junior market, the ones that can’t get a good word said about them after promoting worthless stories and moose pastures for years on end and crushing shareholder’s equity value to pieces in the process. All the companies, every single one of them, that pay Mining Marketwatch to write pump stories are a complete waste of time and money. I mean these are the guys that pump Metanor (MTO.v) to you non-stop, fercryinoutloud.
3) If you want to know some basic truths about Honey Badger Don’t Care (TUF.v), things that somehow slipped the mind of the person who wrote up that bullshit linked above, check this March 2014 post out.
Avoid this stock like the plague, along with anything else promo’d by the scam merchants at Mining Marketwatch. Message ends.

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