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Hot news! Simon Romero loses all influence on LatAm opinion

Look mom, I’m on TV

It’s the future of free speech, dudettes and dudes. Bloomie reports the New York Times wants to charge $5 a month for online access to their musings. Now I might miss reading Krugman’s blog every day (though knowing him he’ll start publishing somewhere free-access immediately) and Dealbook is worth my wonky while, but the good news is that the dross of the Americas page will become instantly unread forever. Hooray and hip and hip, no more having to refute the idiocies of Simon Romero every week and explaining why he’s 1) talking crap or 2) lifting other people’s stories wholesale. Amen. Here’s a better link to a blog with screenshot of the survey the NYT is conducting.

Whatever gets you thinking that capitalism makes people like Rupert Murdoch greedy, anyway?

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