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How beer consumption in LatAm MUST BE reported by the English language media

BS Newswires Dec 21, Miami: Peru’s National Industries Society (SNI) today reported that beer consumption in Peru has risen from 20 litres per person per year in 2000 to 39 litres pppy in 2010. Country analyst Anne Eejit remarked from New York that the upsurge in beer consumption “was a clear indicator of the vibrant and ongoing growth in the country being enjoyed by all social strata.”

BS Newswires Dec 21, Miami: Beer consumption figures are out from Latin America today, with Venezuela topping the brew-guzzling charts as they knock back 100 litres, man woman and child, every year. When consulted on the latest figures, LatAm economy expert Anne Eejit remarked from New York that “the overconsumption of alcohol in Venezuela is a clear indicator of the country’s decadence, sense of hopelessness and lapse into industrial inertia we’ve seen since the quasi-dictator Chávez seized power.” 

IKN back: BS Newswires doesn’t exist, but the stats do and are from this report in Peru.com today.

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