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How cocaine is smuggled into Europe

According to Bulgarian National Radio (a report now being relayed in Spanish to S.Am), it works like this for around 3,000 of their nationals (just 100 of whom were caught last year).

1) Bulgarian flies to Paris (or perhaps Madrid) as a tourist.

2) Bulgarian then catches a plane to either Colombia or Peru.

3) Bulgarian spends a few days as a tourist, checks out Cusco or Bogotá or whatever. Has a happy time, sees the sights, then swallows multiple condoms full of cocaine.

4) Bulgarian with stomach full of LatAm’s most successful export then gets on the return flight, has no trouble at customs, deposits cocaine with his or her handlers in Paris (or perhaps Madrid) and is paid €1,000 per kilo of white powder for the effort. Bulgarian returns to home country.

But don’t worry about it because you know Hugo Chávez is really to blame. That’s what your TV told you so it must be true.

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