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How Porter Stansberry fakes his track record

Here’s a typical example from this scamster and liar. In his October 17th update to subscribers, he tries to make out that his service recommended Lundin Gold (LUG.to) at the price of $4.60 on April 5th 2016. Here’s the screenshot of the table included in his letter:

That’s bullshit. On that date, 4/5/16, LUG.to traded just 3,500 shares all day. The same nothing happened again the next day, April 6th, when just 6,600 shares of LUG changed hands. It was only when his recommendation rolled out to clients on April 7th that the volume moved:
April 7th 140,000 shares traded, close $5.09
April 8th 167,500 shares traded, close $5.83
Et cetera. The chances of any of his stupid, sheep-like clients having bought LUG.to at his falsely advertised $4.60 are zero, because they simply didn’t know. The chances of them getting in at under $5.00 are bottom-end minimal, because they all charged in during the first two days and the vast majority of them would have paid $5.50 and more. And this is just one example, there are many more like it but small things like truth and facts never bother a piece of shit lying scumball like Porter Stansberry.

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