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How teen and underage prostitution works with mining companies in Peru

1) Teenage girls, often as young as 14 years old and just left school, are offered jobs in restaurants and bars as “kitchen assistant” or “waitress” at a salary perhaps triple than the ones found in their local towns (typically the southern sierra region cities, such as Cusco, Puno, Juliaca etc.
2) They’re taken to a remote location, close to mining works.
3) Once at their place of work, they’re held captive, not allowed to leave the premises, and required to become “hostesses” for clients in the bar or nightclub, a job which quickly leads to prostitution (or a severe beating).
Occasionally, these establishments are raided by police and a clean-up effected (perhaps they didn’t pay off the local police chief enough), such as this one in the Chala/Acari region of South Peru yesterday. Strangely, this is the exact spot in South Peru where several Canadian mining companies, Dynacor (DNG.to) and Inca One (IO.v) to name but two, have decided to start their operations recently. Wonder why that might be? Probably because Canada is so very keen on stimulating free-market economic growth in the regions where it operates, resulting higher incomes and the improved lifestyle that its mining operations always bring to an area and its citizenry. Right?

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