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How the Cannabis Wheaton (CBW.v) placement collapsed

There was a meeting at Eight Capital between all the partners except for two of the main scammers in this sordid deal, Eight Capital’s Sferra and Attanasio. As we know, Sferra has multi-millions of shares of Cannabis Wheaton (CBW.v) and is one of the ringleaders but perhaps the worst of the lot is Mark Attanasio, who also holds many many millions of shares of this scam dog but is also supposedly the gatekeeper of the deal (hello Canadian regulators, do you know what this means? Why is this person still allowed to play cap mkts in your country?).
So anyway, these two jokers get excluded from the meeting and it’s only then that the rest of the 8Cap people found out there was all this seed stock of CBW in the hands of a very few people, i.e. Sferra and Attanasio but also Hugo Alves of Bennett Jones and Graham Saunders of Canaccord (and remember, it’s Canaccord co-leading this placement with Eight Capital…oh how we laughed). Once they found this out, the compliance officer at Eight Capital told them to pull out immediately. Once that happened, Canaccord had no option than to pull out of the deal too. Of course, Rifici is now desperately trying to find another way to float this deal via another entity or just via Saunders at Canaccord. We’ll find out on Monday how wonderfully it’s all going.
A final snippet of wonderful: Dear Bennett Jones, did you know that Hugo Alves has been swanning around telling people he plans to resign from your company and join CBW full-time soon? What, you other partners have not been informed about this yet? Well in that case IKN strongly suggests that you have a little chat with your partner when he turns up on Monday morning (or perhaps midday, he may be suffering from a hangover).

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