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How the current board of directors at Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L) wastes money

Yesterday October 6th, the newspaper USA Today ran a supplement in its dead tree edition. The 12 page supplement is called “Our World” and was about Peru. If you’d like to see the thing online, you can go to this link and then on the right near the top click on the link to the PDF edition dated October 6th in the “Country Reports” banner, which looks like this:
Then when your PDF is downloaded, go to page five and you’ll see this quarter-page advert for Minera IRL:

There’s no other mention of IRL in the publication.
The Hodges Lackeys Board of Directors paid U$33,000 cash to place that single advert. Thirty-three thousand United States Dollars.
Then again, they get it placed for free on IKN.

UPDATE: Reader ‘BB’ makes a good point:

“What makes this even more of a waste of money, if that’s possible, IMO,
is that if anyone decided to check out the company after seeing the ad,
they’d see that trading has been halted etc etc. Embarrassing.”

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