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How to confuse Bob Jew Hater Moriarty

Ask him for evidence.

It is that simple. The next time he starts ranting and hating on someone, accusing them of serious felonies and lying through his teeth on anything and everything he can imagine, ask him for evidence. A link, a news story, a court record, some proof that there are facts to back up his disgusting and false accusations. He will avoid doing so, of course. He will either ignore your request, or if you keep bugging him he says, “You don’t need me to show you! All you need to do is go Google that and that and this and that…”. In so many words, he is a liar and cannot provide a scrap of proof or evidence to back up his hate-filled bile. On the other hand, there’s a massive amount of proof about his racism, bad character and aggressive bullyboy life and plenty of photographic evidence that Bob likes the sauce, too.

Bob, show people the evidence I am a wife beater. You cannot, because I am not.

Bob, show people evidence I am a securities fraudster. You cannot, because I am not.

TXRogers, show people evidence I am a pederast. You cannot, because I am not. And you are my man, TX, even though you don’t realize it yet.

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