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I have a question about True Gold (TGM.v) at Karma

As of February 18th, True Gold (TGM.v) laid off 450 workers for a period of three months. Here’s the press release that was published in French in Burkina Faso on the development on Sunday Feb 22nd. However, if you check over at the company website you’ll see that the last news from TGM.v was on January 29th, at which point they were “in discussions”, they were looking to resume construction and, in the words of TGM had honcho Mark O’Dea, “As soon as we can provide a definitive update on the timeline, we will“.
So the question: Why did TGM.v tell the stakeholders in Burkina Faso about this, but decided not to tell the stakeholders who have invested in the company via the Canadian capital markets? I mean, isn’t laying off your workers for three months kind of material? Seems to me there’s more than a little mushroom politics about this.

PS: The other thing about the Burkina Faso only press release last Sunday. At the end it says…

Nous demandons respectueusement aux autorités et à toutes les parties prenantes de bien vouloir nous rencontrer dès que possible pour avancer le dialogue.

…which sure looks to me like there’s been a big stoppage in the discussions recently. That’s not the impression TGM.v has been giving to people outside of Burkina Faso.

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