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I have seen Bolivia’s Navy

No joke, its base is at the Lake Titicaca port town of Copacabana, and you pass its boat (singular) when you take the ferry trip from there to the Isla del Sol. Anyway, this factoid was remembered when reading this report from the USA’s Courthouse News Service dated September 4th 2012, today’s piece of bizarre.

WASHINGTON (CN) – The National Marine Fisheries Service has lifted trade restrictions on importing bigeye tuna from Bolivia and Georgia.     The move implements a 2011 recommendation by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas.     ICCAT members had prohibited imports of Atlantic bigeye tuna and its products from Bolivia and Georgia since at least 2003 due to fishing practices that thwarted ICCAT conservation rules.     The NMFS foresees no socioeconomic impacts on U.S. traders, because the two nations had not been importing of Atlantic bigeye tuna into the U.S. prior to the implementation of the prohibitions, and no attempt to import the tuna is expected.

Thanks due to reader ‘JR’ for the headsup and the yoks.

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